Serendib Growth Investments

Business Model

Serendib Growth Investment Ltd is a company formed to invest the share capital of the company on listed equities to take advantage in the growth in the equity market with the overall growth in the economy of the country. The company will adopt a medium to long term outlook in the investment policies. The income of the company will be dividend income and capital gains on sale of listed equities.

Serendib Growth Investment Ltd will provide a unique opportunity to be part of Sri Lanka’s growth story. Kenanga Investment Corporation Ltd, the Promoters and The Managers of the Company, will conduct through research and due diligence and select companies that are exposed to Sri Lanka’s long-term growth potential with excellent business models and sound management.

During the first two years of operation, SGIL companies will have an active investment strategy, develop and implemented by KICL, to create a sound base for future listing of the Company in Colombo Stock Exchange after 2 years of operations.