Fund Management

Introduction to Private Wealth Management at Kenanga Investment Corporation (KICL)

KICL offer customized wealth management designed to meet our high net worth client’s specific financial objectives. As a private investor, you draw on the significant experience of our advisors and analysts with solutions that truly reflect your individual needs and circumstances.

At KICL, discretionary private wealth management and administration is provided by a skilled group of investment professionals. Through our offering, we will help you achieve:

  • A high level of portfolio customization
  • Constant portfolio monitoring and evaluation
  • Investment management decision-making and administration

KICL wealth management centers on the fine balance between preserving capital and growing it responsibly, and the understanding that every investor will have a different balance in mind. We focus on careful diversification in stocks and fixed income investments to help deliver a balance of risk and return over time. We also work as hard to try to minimize costs as we try to maximize returns.

Our professional team takes care of all the day-to-day decisions and administration regarding your investments, and keeps you fully informed while pursuing a traditional, time-proven and fundamental investment approach. In addition to providing you with the flexibility to create an investment plan based on your individual goals, KICL offer many other advantages such as professional management, affordability and diversification.

Once you sign a wealth management mandate with KICL, you will be given exclusive access to your portfolio through our online customer log in at Here you will be able to view your total portfolio, allocation of your funds in different asset class, return on your investment, as well as, you will be able to generate a statement of your portfolio for a period of your choice. So why Delay? Let’s start the process today, and watch your wealth grows in a responsible manner.