Kenanga Retirement Plan (KRP)

Persuade you to identify retirement plan as an initial need which should not be sacrificed for anything and help you to build up your own investment in order to enjoy benefits in pre-retirement age as they well.

Why Invest with Kenanga?

  • KICL is the leading investment Advisor in Sri Lanka regulated by SEC and has a track record of over 4 years in Fund Management.
  • Your money will be safely invested by high experienced investment professionals.
  • A choice of investment plans to suit you.
  • KICL has outperformed against benchmark indices.

Features of KRP

  • Tailor made retirement investment plan – After we make a need analysis for you, we will decide how much you need invest in order to achieve your purchasing power requirement & how KICL will build your portfolios in terms of listed equity and corporate debts according to their risk appetite.
  • Your funds are managed under your personal names.
  • Minimum Initial Investment should be Rs 500,000
  • You can enhance their portfolio monthly, quarterly, semi-anually, anually or in a convenient basis. The minimum amount is Rs 25,000
  • You can exit from this investment plan at any given time.
  • You can withdraw your money in an emergency. But you are advised to hold the portfolio value until your retirement in order to achieve their post retirement objectives.

Fees and Charges of the KRP

KICL’s Annual management fee will be 2% during the first year the client enters into KRP and 1% in subsequent years, based on the Total Asset Value at as the the invoice Date. The clients will be invoiced quarterly.